Silk Road

The Silk Road has been close to Ajmal Hameed’s heart for a very long time. During his early professional years situated in the northern areas of Pakistan, Ajmal Hameed began to admire the history, importance and beauty of the Silk Road. That acorn which was planted all those years ago is finally now sprouting into a splendid tree. Ajmal Hameed and Civilisational Dialogue Limited are proud to announce the first of many Silk Road Colloquiums beginning with Silk Road, Abu Dhabi 2015.

The Silk Road, Abu Dhabi Colloquium 2015 will highlight the resourcefulness of different civilisational traditions and promote regular dialogue between the people of the world. To discuss their cultural heritage, together with social and economic changes that have come to shape their modern cities, trade, education and technology. It will provide a platform for the mutual exchange of ideas and experiences where participants engage in inter-civilizational dialogue aim to reduce cultural and civilizational biases. The aim is to bring forward voices from different cultures and civilizations that typically do not have the opportunity to meet and to build a community that promotes tolerance, inclusivity, and a more balanced society.

The Colloquium will also cover the historical customs and lifestyles of people along the silk road routes and share knowledge of the connection between the Chinese and Middle Eastern fine arts.

A Silk Road Expo is also planned in 2019 to unite and promote trade among the Silk Road countries and the rest of the world.