The following excerpts, from the 101 Collection, are randomly selected as a sample of Ajmal Hameed’s reflections on the human heart, soul and the not imaginary.


Love gravity of Spring.

Seed to seed in love sprouting daffodils
born with morning light and passing through the noon.
Come see the smiling yellow and touch the glowing white star
before the clear light dims and withdraws the spacious nakedness.
Kiss the enchanting cool joy by the singing brook.
The vibrating chimes of birds around.
The butterfly flutter keeping in step with buds and petals
Drunk with ripened wine, eyeing for a love-mate’s cry.
The humming bees green germs of spring, the musk of flowers
and the tangy fruit reborn.
Thirsty for sunbeam of your hair, thirst for the sheen of your eyes
Thirsty for the motherly hug, thirsty for turquoise robe.
Push back, head back home in the celestial capsule.
Night will retreat.
Seed will swell.
Peel the husk of the day’s grain.
Seed will swell with gravity of rain.

(April 2015)

Turn of Heavenly Wheel

Unfettered, swallows return over spring skies,
there is no lonely path.
Fragrant pine, River Elbe, ahead of me,
behind me show auspicious signs in place.
Steep horizons embrace the heaven.
Scars within and the muddy clay of the outside disappear.
Village lanes and whitewashed Lanzarote
rejoice with lashing ocean waves,
revealing the secret of human fertility by
overlapping of light and colours.
Cool the fire of sudden arrival.

Jewelled adornment has been flung to earth.
Wear this moment of molecules from cosmic clouds.
Don’t look at the brush, meet the artist.
Welcome hope, welcome peace.

[March 2015]

An ancient painting of Courtly Love – The story of Bayad and Riyad. 13th Century
House called Oneness
It is time to set my home in Oneness,
Where are you? I have walked hundreds of miles,
Open the door for I have come from afar,
Following the fragrance of henna on your feet,
Carrying the bundles of sorrows
And baskets full of joy at the same time,
Mad, deaf and dumb, I have filled
The pitchers of fear, fete and love
Pressed against her breasts,
Losing all sense of shame and reproach,You are my head, my body, why then
I have to suffer in flames and freeze?
Where are you my eyes,
Come back and become slaves of my eyes,
In the new house in Oneness,
Twilight of time is closing dribbling
Daily aches and pain,
Come back and enter laughingly
Through time to eternity,
Where are you? I have walked hundreds of miles.



The sheet of Moonlit night.

Bursting desires flowing from your shadow,
Sacred cord necklace spread across the right breast
Opens hearts,
Is it the Kaaba’s lamp or the candle of Kailaash,
Oh my spirit fainting on the earthly covers,
Red fire of Rose reflecting in the mirror of life,
A delicate atom composed by God,
A world of love, a wondrous world,
The rose, the moon, the mirror, the Sun,
All residents in the soul of lovers,
A bottle of red ruby wine,
Mouth upon her lips,

“Hold me tight like ocean waves!
Pass me the sheet of moonlit night”.