I have no stone in my hand,
no quarrel with anyone.
I rebuke no man, but possess
the sweetness of the rose garden.

  • HH Shaikha Mai bint Mohamed Al  Khalifah and HE Shaikh Khalid bin Hamood Al Khalifah
  • Ajmal Hameed
  • At the office
  • At the United Nations
  • LawChina Seminar
  • Poetry Collection
  • Ajmal with Anwar Ibrahim
  • Chitrasala Palace, miniature style wall painting, Rajasthan, India
  • Ajmal with Grandson
  • With Mr. Yoh Kurosawa, Chairman of the Board Industrial Bank of Japan
  • At a Boatshow
  • Ajmal with former Prime Minister of Malaysia
  • Ajmal with Prince Mohamad Al Faisal
  • Ajmal with Indian P.M.
  • Placecard from European Lawyers Delegation to China – 1984
  • Ajmal with the Australian Aborigine Cricket Team 2009
  • Indian Mughal Miniature of a Palace Scene in Bundi, Rajasthan by Avinash Singh Parihar
  • Ajmal with the Late Rajiv Gandhi
  • Ajmal and his wife with the Chairman of China Council
  • One of Ajmal’s Poetry Pages – 2011
  • With Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh
  • Ajmal with Imran Khan
  • At the Wholesale Funding Seminar, Shenzen, China
  • At the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
  • Cariacature of Ajmal
  • With The Maharaja of Kashmir
  • Elephant with howdah