Leader of the European Lawyers Delegation China

Handwritten Chinese poster. (Translation: Notice: The opening ceremony of Investment/Finance/Law Seminar will be holding at 9am on 23 March,and the meeting room is at 3rd floor. Following the ceremony, Mr Hammed, our British-China Law Association Chief , will conduct teaching. All must be punctual. Seminar Secretary Department, 22 March,1987).
In 1983 Ajmal Hameed convened a meeting of leading European lawyers to study rapid developments in the legal framework relating to commerce in the People’s Republic of China. The meeting led directly to the formation of the International Law China Society.

In February 1984 on the invitation of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Ajmal Hameed led a delegation of distinguished European Lawyers to the PRC. During this visit Mr Hameed suggested the establishment of an International Trade Conciliation Centre in Hamburg (with representation in Beijing). The centre was opened in 1987 by the Hamburg Minister of Justice, and charged with conciliating commercial disputes between Europe and China.

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